Kylie Worthy

My First Sex Teacher11

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Kylie Worthy is the blonde professor who is known for being strict with her students and assistants. But even with her glasses and her stern stares, it is easy to notice that behind her strict façade is a total bombshell. Jack is Professor Kylie Worthy’s teaching assistant and he is also a member of the school’s most popular fraternity. Jack is in a hurry to get to his frat party but Professor Worthy still has some tasks for him to finish. Professor Worthy promises Jack ample rewards— if he sticks to his tasks, Jack can stick his cock into her pink pussy.

Brittany O’Connell

My First Sex Teacher10

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Brittany O’Connell is the feisty professor with equally fiery red hair. Professor Brittany O’Connell opened up the slot for a teaching assistant. Chris Johnson, one of the underachieving students sign up for the job, much to Professor O’Connell’s surprise. The hot redhead professor gives Chris Johnson a chance but apparently he is just out to show her that he has no plans to hit the books. Chris Johnson wanted her slot and signed up to hit the sexy professor right there on the teacher’s desk. At least the lazy student is great at sex and that is more than enough to get an A!

India Summer

My First Sex Teacher9

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India Summer has always been the nerdy girl who has a lot of potential. She is so focused on the books and getting the best results in the lab. Indi Summer is currently a chemistry teacher who is very serious about her role. India Summer’s geeky looks is a turn-on for some who suspect that there is a sex kitten under that nerd. Xander takes Professor Summer’s class just to prove that she can get some chemistry with the sexy teacher. The brunette India Summer and Xander spend some alone time and explore each other. Xander was spot on in reaching her boiling point!

Katja Kassin

My First Sex Teacher8

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Katja Kassin is the kind of teacher who is into exploring different kinds of techniques to motivate her students to learn. Some colleagues frown upon her approaches and choice of having a close relationship with students and parents. Danny Wylde is one particular guy who surprises Katja Kassin by suddenly excelling in school. The sexy teacher feels so happy and congratulates her student with a big hug. Katja Kassin and Danny Wylde could not help the attraction between them and go for a celebratory bang right inside the classroom. Danny Wylde will surely get better grades from this point forward.

Puma Swede

My First Sex Teacher7

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Puma Swede is the lovely foreign language teacher who has the exotic looks to boot. Marcos Leon was forced by his parents to take Swedish class since they have an upcoming trip to Sweden. Marcos Leon was reluctant but when he saw Professor Puma Swede he knew that classes would be so fun. The blonde bombshell reveals her animal print bra and massive mammaries much to Marcos Leon’s delight. She was quick to give the young man a lesson in tongues that he will never forget. Apparently, Marcos does not need to speak languages to get to fuck the ladies!

Romi Rain

My First Sex Teacher6

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Romi Rain is probably one of the hottest yet strictest teachers there ever was. She runs her classroom like a military camp and wants everyone to be on time, follow orders and do well. Jessy Jones was missing from class so Romi Rain goes out to look for him and she finds him in the teacher’s bathroom jacking off. Jessy Jones feared that he will get kicked out so he revealed to the sexy teacher that he was masturbating to the thought of her. Romi Rain helps the younger man get off and gets sprayed with fresh jizz too.


My First Sex Teacher5

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Cherokee is the sexy new teacher who has very little regard for ethics and codes of conduct. Professor Cherokee got the job because she has an impressive resume and is pretty smart. But what the school board does not know is that Professor Cherokee gets her students to perform well by using her killer curves as an inspiration. One particular student she fancies is Alan Stafford. She asks him to stay for a private tutorial since he was flunking in class. The brunette teacher seduces the young man the moment they are alone. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Carmella Bing and Shyla Stylez

My First Sex Teacher4

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Carmella Bing is a brunette hottie and Shyla Stylez is her co-teacher who is a total blonde bombshell. Little does the faculty know that the two hot teachers are lesbian lovers too who likes to get frisky while doing overtime after school. But what surprises Carmella Bing the most is when she catches Shyla Stylez cheating on her with Johnny, one of her students! Of course Carmella Bing will not let this pass. What Shyla Stylez can do, she can do better. The three of them have so much fucking fun, lucky for the stud student Johnny.

Rilynn Rae

My First Sex Teacher3

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Rilynn Rae is no longer just a student, she levelled up to becoming Teacher’s Aid. Although she is happy with her new post, Rilynn Rae is bummed about the fact that she can no longer date Johnny since it is against the rules for TAs to date students. Johnny thinks they can still have fun on the down low and tries to convince Rilynn Rae by giving her the most awesome celebratory fuck right there on her new Teacher’s Aid desk. From the looks of things, Rilynn Rae will not let go Johnny go just yet.

Simone Riley

My First Sex Teacher2

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Simone Riley is a diligent professor who tries to help all the students in her class the best way she can. Kris Slater is trying to concentrate but he cannot get any of the lessons into his brain when fantasies of fucking the sexy Professor Simone Riley run through his head all the time. The brunette professor notices that Kris Slater is not focusing enough so she talks to him after class. Kris Slater confesses that his other head needs to be cleared to he can think straight. Professor Riley lets him unload on her and they fuck in the room. Now that’s a very helpful teacher!